Illimina iScan System

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Illimina iScan System: This facility has both BeadXpress Reader and iScan system from Illumina Inc. for SNP genotyping. Both are robust platforms for genotyping applications.BeadXpress Reader has a dual colour detection system and is a low to medium throughput system. It works on veracode technology and is compatible with GoldenGate Genotyping (GGGT) assay. It can handle multiplexing in terms of SNPs from 48 to 1536. It terms of samples, the multiplexing capacity is to the tune of 8 to 96. In addition, gene expression and protein based assays can also be carried out using this system.iScan system uses high performance lasers, optics and detection systems to offer sub-micron resolution and as a result is useful for medium to high throughput applications. It has enhanced multiplexing ability to the tune of 12 million SNPs. Apart from genotyping, it can also be used for CNV analysis, DNA methylation and gene expression profiling.

                                                   Bead Express Reader



                                                            iScan System


In-Charge: Dr Amitha Mithra