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MALDI-TOF/TOF Tranomics provides useful information on differentially regulated genes that subsequently encodes the protein. However, mRNA species generated from tranion are often modified post-tranionally and post-translationally (phosphorylation, acylation, myrisotylation etc.) and thus tranomic analysis do not always provide the realistic assessment of the gene function. Therefore, for global and functional annotation of the genes belonging to different functional categories, proteomics approach is a much viable alternative. Proteomics is defined as studying all proteins at a particular time and condition. We have complete proteomics system facility including protein extraction, 1D-electrophoresis, 2D electrophoresis, gel analysis software, automatic spot- picker,- cutter and –digester and MALDI ToF/ToF for protein identification.      

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In-Charge: Dr Vandana Rai

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