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Inhouse Projects
Main ProjectSub-projectObjectives of sub-projects
Isolation of plant genes and promoters
(PI-Anita Grover)
Identification of pathogen-inducible genes and promoters and using them for developing fungus (Alternaria)-resistant transgenic Brassica junceaplants (PI-Dr. Anita Grover)
  • Identification and isolation of pathogen-inducible genes in B. juncea and development of fungus (Alternaria)-resistant transgenic B. juncea plants using few of these genes
  • Isolation and characterization of pathogen-inducible strong promoters and their functional validation
  • To study the response of B. juncea and its wild relative (Camelina sativa and Sinapis alba) and Erurapajunceato Alternaria infection and to salicylic acid and jasmonic acid treatment
 Cloning, validation and characterization of insecticidal genes from legumes in mustard (PI-Dr. RekhaKansal)
  • Cloning of lectin and protease inhibitor genes under phloem specific promoter
  • Generation of transgenic mustard for validation and evaluation of the efficacy of the genes
 Isolation and characterization of stress responsive genes and promoters in chickpea (PI-Dr. P. K. Jain)
  • To identify and characterize genes and microRNAs associated with Fusarium wilt and drought stress in chickpea
  • To identify and characterize drought and wilt stress-responsive promoters
 Pigeonpea viruses: characterization of viral genome, their genes and transgenic control (Dr. B. L. Patil)
  • Next generation sequencing of small RNAs from virus/SMD (Sterility mosaic disease) infected Pigeonpea, their analysis, and annotation of PPSMV (Pigeonpea sterility mosaic virus) genome sequences
  • Identification and characterization of viral genes and silencing suppressors
  • Sequencing and characterization of PPSMV isolates across India
  • RNAi-mediated genetically engineered resistance to PPSMV
  • Developing VIGS vector using Geminivirus (MYMIV) infecting pigeonpea
 Cloning and characterization of genes involved in rice  Xanthomonasoryzaepvoryzae interaction (PI-Dr. Rhitu Rai)
  • Cloning and characterization of effectors from blight pathogen and identification of their host target genes in rice
  • Identification of susceptibility genes in rice for targeted suppression
  • Identification and fine mapping of new resistance (R) genes from Oryza germplasm
 Isolation and characterization of salt stress responsive gene(s) and promoter(s) in chickpea (PI-Ms. Nimmy M. S.)
  • To identify, isolate and characterize genes associated with salinity tolerance in chickpea
  • To isolate and characterize the promoters of the above identified salt responsive genes in chickpea
Biotechnological approaches for increasing crop productivity
(PI-Dr. S. R. Bhat)
Generation and characterization of genetic stocks for heterosis breeding (PI-Dr. S. R. Bhat)
  • Development and characterization of genetic stocks (CMS, restorer and haploid-inducer lines) for heterosis breeding in Brassica
  • Molecular analysis of polyembryony in citrus/guggul
 Phytohormone modulation for yield enhancement in mustard (PI-Dr. P. K. Dash)
  • Modulation of phytohormone homeostasis for enhancement of grain number in Brassica
 Genome editing in oilseed Brassica for crop improvement (PI-Dr. N. C. Gupta)
  • Standardization of CRISPR/Cas system for gene editing in B. juncea
  • Construction of CENH3-specific CRISPR/Cas cassettes and transformation of B. juncea for the production of CENH3 mutant lines for use in developing haploid inducer lines
 Enlarging genepool of Brassica junceathrough resynthesis and introgression from wild species (PI-Mr. Mahesh Rao)
  • To introgressAlternariabrassicaeresistance gene(s) into mustard from the wild species Diplotaxiserucoidesand identify D. erucoidesILS through markers
  • Cytogenetic study of hybrids and ILS to understand chromosomal behaviour
Genomics and molecular markers in crop plants (PI-Dr. N. K. Singh) Functional genomics of mandate crops including rice, wheat, pigeonpea etc. for identification of genes/markers for grain quality and stress tolerance (PI-Dr. N. K. Singh)
  • To organize infrastructure and develop team of scientists and carry out high throughput genotyping and expression studies to provide support to rice, pigeonpea and mango genomics
  • To identify new genes and markers in riceforyield, quality  and salt tolerance and wheat quality, drought and thermal tolerance
 Cloning and characterization of plant disease resistance genes/alleles and promoters using genomics and  bioinformatics approaches (PI-Dr. T. R. Sharma)
  • Allele mining for selected plant disease resistance genes from oryza spp. 
  • Cloning and characterization of pathogen inducible promoters and understanding host immunity
  •  Expression profiling of rice lines containing blast resistance genes
  • Development of plant genome databases and comparative genome analysis among different crops
 Functional genomics of heterosis and temperature tolerance in pigeonpea (PI-Dr. Kishore Gaikwad)
  • Characterization of genes responsible for cytoplasmic male sterility  and fertility restoration in pigeonpea
  • Mapping and characterization of genes responsible for thermotolerance in pigeonpea
 Salt tolerance in riceand pigeonpea (PI-Dr. Vandna Rai)
  • To generate polymorphisms between the susceptible genotype HD2932 and the resistant genotype SW89-5422 and to evaluate the segregating populations of the biparental crosses between HD2932 and SW89-5422 for the leaf spot resistance.
  • To map the loci underlying the leaf spot resistance in the biparental cross.
  • To validate the mapped genes/QTLs for the resistance to leaf spot disease and to investigate the feasibility of using the above said genes and QTLs for subsequent MAS for varietal development.
 Phenotyping of rice, wheat and pigeonpea for evaluation and validation of yield contributing traits for targeted breeding (PI-Mr. R. S. Jaat)
  • Identification of genes and markers for salt tolerance in cultivated and wild rice
  • Identification of QTL and stress related proteins for salt tolerance in pigeonpea
 Mapping of QTLs for abiotic stress tolerance in rice (PI-Dr. S V A C R Mithra)
  • To map QTLs and identify candidate genes for moisture stress tolerance in rice
  • To validate the QTLs for their subsequent utility in rice breeding programmes
 Molecular cloning and characterization of panicle blast resistance genes in rice (PI-Dr. A. U. Solanke)
  • Mapping of genes/QTLs for panicle blast resistance in rice
  • Expression profiling of rice lines under panicle blast infestation
  • Molecular cloning and characterization of selected panicle blast associated genes
 Expression analysis of small RNAs involved in the plant defence response in Rice - Rhizoctonia interaction (PI-Mr. RA Nagar)
  • Sequencing of total small RNAs from sheath blight resistance and susceptible rice lines.
  • Identification of differentially expressed small RNA in sheath blight resistance Vs susceptible rice lines.
  • Cloning and functional validation of differentially expressed small RNAs and their target mRNAs
Transgenic crops for biotic stress resistance
(PI-Dr. Sarvjeet Kaur )
Isolation of insecticidal genes from native Bacillus thuringiensis isolates(PI-Dr. Sarvjeet Kaur)
  • Identification of novel Cry and VIP genes from indigenous isolates of Bacillus thuringiensis
  • Cloning and characterization of novel Cry and VIP genes
Management of gram  pod borer by VIP and RNAi (PI-Dr. DebasisPattanayak)
  • Construction of codon-modified Bt-VIP3Aa14
  • Validation in planta (Tobacco and Pigeonpea)
  • Design and validate RNAi-mediated resistance to Helicoverpa
Novel genes and strategies for aphid resistance in mustard (PI-Dr. R. C. Bhattacharya)
  • Development of RNAi mediated genetic resistance in mustard cultivars against mustard aphids
  • Identification of host-immunity genes and pathways to develop aphid resistance in mustard
Management of gram  pod borer by Bt ICPs  (PI-Dr.Rohini Sreevathsa)
  • Genetic transformation of pigeonpea by Bt-Cry1Ac-F
  • Genetic transformation of pigeonpea by Bt-Cry2Aa
  • Molecular analysis and insect bioassays
  • Gene stacked -pigeonpea (Cry1Ac-F+Cry2Aa)
Functional validation of novel insecticidal gene(s) cloned from Bacillus thuringiensis (PI-Dr. AumreetamDinabandhu)
  • Development of plant transformation vector carrying novel VIP3Aa44 gene
  • In planta validation of the genes and development of pigeonpeatransgenics
Adaptation of wheat to climate change induced abiotic stress   (PI-Dr J. C. Padaria ) Cloning and transfer of genes for high temperature tolerance in wheat (PI-Dr. J. C. Padaria)
  • Isolation and characterization of high temperature stress responsive genes from thermotolerant plant systems
  • Validation of the identified high temperature stress responsive genes in wheat
 Marker assisted introgression of gene(s)/QTLs for resistance to Bipolaris leaf spot (Bipolarissorokiniana) in wheat (PI-Dr. Sanjay Singh)
  • Identification of donors, recipient, QTLs and validation of markers for resistance to Bipolaris leaf spot in wheat
  • Transfer of genes/QTLs for Bipolaris leaf spot resistance in wheat using MAS
 Cloning and characterization of genes regulating grain quality under terminal heat stress in wheat (PI- Dr. SharmisthaBarthakur)
  • To identify genes and regulatory elements involved during grain development and affecting end use quality of wheat flour under high temperature stress
  • To functionally characterize and validate the selected genes
 Identification and cloning of gene(s) for salt tolerance in wheat (PI-Dr.Kanika)
  • Evaluation of land races and wild relatives of wheat and microbes for tolerant to salinity
  • Cloning and characterization of genes related to salt tolerance from the identified genotypes
  • Validation of the selected genes in wheat
 Molecular mapping and cloning  of gene(s) /QTLs for drought  tolerance in wheat  (PI-Dr. Monica Dalal)
  • To identify wheat genotypes with contrasting RSA under drought and osmotic stress by phenotyping a diverse set of wheat genotypes
  • Isolation and characterization of genes associated with root architecture under drought stress
  • Validation of role of candidate wheat genes for drought tolerance in wheat/tobacco/Arabidopsis
  • Mapping of QTL(s) for drought tolerance in wheat
Improvement of nutrient use efficiency in cereal crops (PI-Dr.  P. K. Mandal) Identification and characterization of gene(s) of nitrogen uptake in wheat(PI-Dr. Subodh Sinha)
  • Evaluation of different wheat genotypes for nitrogen uptake
  • Identification and characterization of gene(s) associated with nitrogen uptake in wheat
Identification and characterization of gene(s) of nitrogen metabolism in wheat(PI-Dr. P. K. Mandal)
  • Selection of contrasting wheat genotypes for nitrogen use efficiency
  • Studies of key enzymes involved in nitrogen use pathway in contrasting wheat genotypes
  • Identification and cloning of differentially expressed genes in contrasting wheat genotypes