Externally funded

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Externally Funded
S. NoName of the projectFunding AgencyPI
01.Puccinia triticina genomics network on de novo genome sequencing, fitness, variation and pathogenicityDBTT. R. Sharma
02.Development of rice and tomato varieties resistant to Rhizoctonia solani, the causal agent of rice sheath blight and tomato root and crown rot diseases (Indo-Australia Collaborative)DBTT. R. Sharma
03.Molecular cloning and functional characterization of rice blast resistance genes – Second PhaseDBTT. R. Sharma
04.Allele mining and expression profiling of resistance and avirulence genes in Rice-Blast pathosystem for development of race non-specific disease resistanceNAIPT. R. Sharma
05.Bioinformatics and Comparative GenomicsICART. R. Sharma
06.From QTL to Variety: Marker assisted breeding of abiotic stress tolerant riceDBTN. K. Singh
07.Physical mapping and sample sequencing of wheat chromosome 2A-International Wheat Sequencing Consortium(India)DBTN. K. Singh
08.Genomics for augmenting fibre quality improvement in juteICARN. K. Singh
09.Establishment of National Rice Resource DatabaseDBTN. K. Singh
10.Molecular breeding selection strategies to combine and validate QTLs for improving WUE and heat tolerance in wheatCIMMYTN. K. Singh
11.Allele mining for agronomically important genes in wild rice germplasm and stress tolerant landraces of rice growing in the hot spotsICARN. K. Singh
12.Identification and functional analysis related to yield and biotic stressesDBTN. K. Singh
13.Bioprospecting of genes and Allele mining for abiotic stress toleranceNAIPN. K. Singh
14.Generation, characterization and use of EMS induced mutants of upland variety Nagina 22 for functional genomics in riceDBTN. K. Singh
15.Fusarium resistance and drought tolerance in chickpeaNPTCDr Srinivasan
16.Unravelling molecular processes involved in adventive polyembryony towards genetic engineering for fixation of heterosis.NAIPDr S R Bhat
17.Exploitation of apomixes and thermo sensitive genetic male sterile system in cotton hybrid seed productionICAR-TMCDr S R Bhat
18.Development of aphid resistant transgenic mustardNPTC (ICAR)Dr Rekha Kansal
19.Diversity of analysis of Bacillus and other predominant genera from extreme environment and its utilization in agriculture.NAIPDr J C Padaria
20.National Initiative on Climate Resilient AgricultureNICRADr J C Padaria
21.Design and construction of strong promoter for constitutive overexpression of nifA gene in Azotobacter vinelandii.DBTDr J C Padaria
22.Development of transgenic rice tolerant to drought and resistant to yellow stem borer.NPTC (ICAR)Dr Debasis Pattanayak
23.Phenomics of moisture deficit and low temperature tolerance in riceNFBSFARA (ICAR)Dr P K Mandal
24.Improving productivity of wheat through enhanced nitrogen use efficiencyCIMMYT (CGIAR)Dr P K Mandal
25.Crop plants which remove their own major biotic constraintsDST (Indo-Austraila Grant Challenge Program)Dr R C Bhattacharya
26.Common basis of defense induction in rice and mustard against sucking and gall insect pests.NFBSFARA (ICAR)Dr R C Bhattacharya
27.Establishment of Referral Laboratory for conducting special testPPV&FRADr R C Bhattacharya
28.Understanding plant nematode interactions using RNAiNAIPDr P K Jain
29.Understanding plant nematode interaction: Identifiaction of plant and nematode genes involved in disease developmentNFBSFARA (ICAR)Dr P K Jain
30.Molecular cloning and functional characterization of annexin multigene family from pearl milletDBTDr S Barthakur
31.Modeling network of gene response to abiotic stress in riceICARDr Kishor Gaikwad
32.Genomics and Phenomics of Ragi (Eleusine coracana)DBTDr Kanika
33.Identification, cloning and characterization of cell wall biosynthetic pathway genes from Sorghum (Sorghum bicolour L. Moench)DSTDr Monika Dalal
34.Root specific reduction of cytokinin to enhance biomass and seed yield in rapeseed (Brassica campestris)DBTDr P K Dash
35.Identification and functional characterization of key virulence determinants from Indian strains of Xanthomonas oryzae pv oryzae knocking down xa13 mediated resistance.DBTDr Rhitu Rai
36.Sequencing of Xanthomonas oryzae pv oryzae pathotypes for better management of bacterial blightDBTDr Rhitu Rai
37.Resistance to pod borer in pigeonpeaNPTC (ICAR)Dr Rohini Sreevathsa
38.Development of pod borer resistant chickpea and pigeonpeaNFBSFARADr Rohini Sreevathsa
39.Translational research on root knot nematode tolerant RNAi transgenics based on vital parasite gene targets from validation to proof-of-concept to selection of event(s) in the field under confined conditions.DBTDr A U Solanke
40.Genomics of cotton boll and fibre developmentNAIPDr A U Solanke
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